Who (or what) is ShoBeaRo?

ShoBeaRo (show/bear/row), created in 2020, was inspired by my two fur babies (Corgi & Wirehaired Pointing Griffon), my daughter, the mountains, and rainbows.

The name, ShoBeaRo, was picked from merging my family's names together.

Shorty + Bear + Rose = ShoBeaRo

Everything I LOVE all in ONE!

My biggest inspiration is my corgi. He was rescued from a puppy mill and fell into my life (and my heart) in 2009. Perhaps you have noticed the many PLAYFUL and CUTE corgi designs in my online shop. Even though he had a ruff (LOL) beginning, it has never slowed him down. He loves a good hike in the mountains and a relaxing nap in the sun, and has shown me how to get the most of every day and when to take time to relax.

I am committed to using ShoBeaRo as a way to help other pets in need by DONATING 25% of all proceeds to animal shelters and organizations. You can feel good that your purchase will be helping those in need.

My Mission